Sunday, November 05, 2006

First order of business -- Happy Birthday, James.

Secondly, text message mystery solved and I rescind my previous comments about a certain someone not trying to contact.

Thirdly, last night was just another example of having the foresight to "do the right thing." A bunch of us were at Dave and Buster's for a birthday party and the birthday girl's boyfriend had rented the billiard room, gotten some food, and so forth. It turns out they assign a waitress to the room and just run one big tab. Well, that sounded like a bad idea to me so Brian and I got our own drinks. When the $1200 tab came at the end of the night and people were forking over a bunch of money, we felt pretty good about our decision.

Lastly, Brian and I stumbled across a really great band in Manhattan the other night. A friend of mine was playing with them so we took a chance. I can see these guys getting in the next year or two. The Animators are worth listening to.