Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Which one is it?

This online dating stuff can be good and bad. You get to weed out the folks you know you don't want to meet right off the bat and it give you the opportunity to get to know a little more about someone before you decide to meet them. Cool. Whatever.
So, I get this email from a guy on match.com. We've exchanged a few messages now and he tells me his name is X. Then in the next email, he says his name is Y. Okay, maybe X was a nickname and Y is his real name. He give me his Yahoo ID so I could add him to my buddy list and we could chat sometime. I do just that but think, "maybe I'll just see what his Yahoo profile has to say." Well, there he has his name listed as Z. I think I might be done talking to this guy....Dane, or Wes, or which ever one you're going by now.


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