Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Getting Up Early

It's kind of fun getting up early to get out and get things done. There's something really gratifying to know you went to NJ, marched in two parades, and came home before some people in the house even got up. Makes you feel productive.

With my cat hadn't been so productive while I was gone. I thought I was doing her a favor in getting her cat grass to chew on. Well, still was probably doing her a favor in getting it, just not in putting it on the top shelf of the book case. Because now it, and the Galileo thermometer are on the floor. Luckily the grass survived to see another day. That's the last time I let her have a party while I'm gone. Then again, she could have just been rebelling against the heat up here. "YOU! Temperature thing. One the ground. Now."


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