Thursday, June 15, 2006

Not as glamorous as you think

Business travel is not as glamorous as you think.
First you have the airports. We all know airports and delays can be horrible.
Even driving can be bad. Especially when your car overheats in traffic and you go eleven miles in 90 minutes. The good news is someone from work told me a secret on how to keep the car from overheating -- turn on the heat to circulate water through the engine. It works, too. But that also means the heat is pouring out of the vents on an already warm day. Fine. Whatever. I made it home.
Next, the hotels. Even when you have the client set up the hotel, nothing ever seems to go as planned. Sure, they have reservation and the client's credit card, they just don't have the correct authorization, somehow, so you'll just have to put it on your private card for now. Fine. Whatever. I'm happy I don't have to sleep in my car.
So, you decide to head down to the hotel bar/grill for a cold pint and a bite to eat. You might even get lucky and have something on the tv that interests you. Too bad Carl, the semi-truck driver whose rig has broken down so he's stranded for the night, decided to sit right next to you and talk about how he started drinking in his room and is continuing it at the bar. Even when you tell Carl you have work to do, he's still trying to pick you up with, "Go, finish your work, just come back here so I can buy you a glass of wine." Really Carl, I know I said, "no promises," when what I really meant was, "no." I hope you get your truck fixed, though, so you can see your son pitch this weekend. Really.
Okay, I should probably actually do some of that work and then get to bed. I'm exhausted.


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