Sunday, June 25, 2006

It's Elemental

Just full of posts tonight it appears. I bought a new car, it's a Honda Element and I love it. Drove it back from WI this past weekend. Only saw five of them in the 1260 miles. I wanted something rare, so it looks like I've succeeded. Saw one this evening on the way back from NJ and the little emblem on the side said H2.5. I was amused.

My Mom's no Honor Student

Pulled up behind a car today with a smashed in back bumper and one of those My Kid's an Honor Student bumper stickers. Too bad it doesn't appear mom was thinking too clearly when she put it between the third brake light and the rear windshield. I'm not intimating that the occlusion of the light led to the crash....just guessing it didn't help.

Drum Corps is Everywhere

I can't believe what the underground network of drum corps people. In casual conversation with a lady at work I mention corps. She used to march in the Queensmen of St Albans, NY. Small world.
I have a slightly harder time believing we found a guy who used to march at the local movie theatre we use for a restroom during camp weekends. He was behind the counter, now he's in the bariton line. And he learned the drill in a weekend. Nice.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

--Dear Guest--

Sign in the bathroom in my room at the Holiday Inn:
"Dear Guest,
Due to the popularity of our guest room amenities, our Housekeeping Department now offers these items for sale:
*Bath Towels $9 *Bath Mats $12
*Hand Towels $9 *Face Cloths $2 *Pillows $15
Each guest room attendant is responsible for maintaining the guest room items. Should you decide to take these article from your room instead of obtaining them from the Executive Housekeeper, we will assume you approve a corresponding charge to your account.
Thank You."

Never saw that sign before, and it struck me as very funny. Maybe if they were really nice linens. I'm not confused about the quality though, even though the "room attendant" tried to trick me into thinking the bark-like TP wasn't.....clever little triangle points, Miss.

Not as glamorous as you think

Business travel is not as glamorous as you think.
First you have the airports. We all know airports and delays can be horrible.
Even driving can be bad. Especially when your car overheats in traffic and you go eleven miles in 90 minutes. The good news is someone from work told me a secret on how to keep the car from overheating -- turn on the heat to circulate water through the engine. It works, too. But that also means the heat is pouring out of the vents on an already warm day. Fine. Whatever. I made it home.
Next, the hotels. Even when you have the client set up the hotel, nothing ever seems to go as planned. Sure, they have reservation and the client's credit card, they just don't have the correct authorization, somehow, so you'll just have to put it on your private card for now. Fine. Whatever. I'm happy I don't have to sleep in my car.
So, you decide to head down to the hotel bar/grill for a cold pint and a bite to eat. You might even get lucky and have something on the tv that interests you. Too bad Carl, the semi-truck driver whose rig has broken down so he's stranded for the night, decided to sit right next to you and talk about how he started drinking in his room and is continuing it at the bar. Even when you tell Carl you have work to do, he's still trying to pick you up with, "Go, finish your work, just come back here so I can buy you a glass of wine." Really Carl, I know I said, "no promises," when what I really meant was, "no." I hope you get your truck fixed, though, so you can see your son pitch this weekend. Really.
Okay, I should probably actually do some of that work and then get to bed. I'm exhausted.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I never thought I'd have to research TP

Bought some toilet paper yesterday. Installed a roll later in the evening and didn't think much of it until I tried to use it. I grabbed and pulled and one, single sheet came off. I grabbed and pulled again with the same result. This went on a couple more time until I realized the problem -- I tried to use a double roll in a slot made for a single roll. So, this means the back edge of the roll is rubbing on the dispenser and causing enough friction to stop the roll and tear one sheet. I never thought I'd have to do research on toilet paper in order to make an informed purchase.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Not just a thread killer

I used to think I was a thread killer. Apparently I'm a post-in-general killer seeing as blogspot and my drum corps message boards were down when I had something to post last night.
Corps board is still down, so that's out.
Too bad I can't remember what I was going to post here.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

one roommate

One roommate has a new girlfriend so he's hardly ever home. Okay, he comes to do laundry and to unpack one bag before heading out with fresh stuff for a could days. Cool, I have no problem with this. The problem I'm starting to have is that he has this alarm clock that goes off every morning, whether he's here or not. And it keeps going off for at least an hour. I say that because it's been going off for at least an hour this morning.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


We survived, and it was only a little bit evil.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Sometimes I read too fast

You know how you can read something too fast and miss the words? Or, you think that one word is another until you get a chance to re-read it?
Well, I'm not sure if that happened while on the bus in NYC this weekend. We were heading to the below mentioned parade and I read a deli/butcher shop canopy that I thought said, "Beef Parties." I did have the time to reread it but I'm not sure if I read it correctly the second time. I don't have any idea what a beef party would be?

Sunday, June 04, 2006

There's another one...

This weekend it was brought to my attention that there is another person out there who's reading the blog. That brings the grand total to two....and that's only on a good day.

Oh, and apparently I never update said blog either, so I'll try to change that.

Thought for today? Why do some laws/rules seem more negotiable than others? For example, I have a really hard time justifying changing lanes across a solid white line. In fact, I really only do that in emergencies or if it's just necessary. But, I don't have any problem speeding. In fact, I really like driving fast. "You don't have to pass everyone, Lindsay" as a friend once pointed out.

Another thought for today? Some people are just plain rude. The drum corps had a parade down 5th Ave in Manhattan today. People had no problem crossing the street in front of, or as it happened a few time, in between the rows of our unit. And worse than the usual taunt of, "play something," someone actually threw a rock today. Don't know where it came from, but it was about the size of a baseball. Didn't hit anyone, which is good, but still, who throws rocks? Besides Jef Leppards, that is.