Sunday, January 15, 2006

Kit 'n Kaboodle

Call my mom to tell her all about the x-rays *don't have a broken back, but just tight muscles that are pulling my spine out of whack and pinching a nerve* when she tells me about her newest idea. She was sitting in a meeting last week when someone says, "the whole kit 'n kaboodle." It just struck her -- she's already got a cat named Kitten, so now she needs one named Kaboodle.
Her and her girlfriend, a.k.a. the neighbor Roseann, go over to the local humane society and pick one out. She was holding it for like 20 minutes, playing, pouncing, purring and all before it decided to bite her on the thumb...right in front of one of the volunteers. So, it's now an Incident, with a capital I. The animal control people are called, I think my mom even said a cop came, and Kaboodle got her fuzzy butt thrown into solitary confinement for 10 days. My mom can pick her up after she's done her time.
At the very least, Mom has 10 days to talk Kitten into getting a Kaboodle.


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