Saturday, January 14, 2006

Extra Fun In a Bottle

Long story short: I move to the new digs about two weeks ago. Since then the left side of my lower back just hasn't felt right. Don't think much of it, starts to feel better, then Thursday and Friday happen and I'm just about in tears by the end of the day. Going out of town on business the following Monday so I think, "I can't wait till I get back Thursday to see a doctor." Find a doctor, go in, kidney test is negative (no, I still have kidneys, just nothing wrong with them apparently), get some drugs, and get to go back for an x-ray tomorrow.
The drugs this far aren't impressive. I was excited because the word Forte was in there. Loud drugs, wheeee. Parafon Forte Dsc to be exact. But, like I said, not impressed with their muscle-relaxing qualities as of yet.
There is one "side effect" I'm quite looking forward to, though. And I know it's sophomoric, but I can't wait to see, "This Medicine Maybe Change The Color Of Your Urine."
I'm hoping for blue.


Blogger Mr. Baldo said...

♪ And did this wax in ancient time
♪ Polish England's Baldies a-gleam?
♪ And did the waxie wax of Phlogiston®
♪ Giveth England's pleasant Baldie sheen?

♪ And did the Shiny Wax Divine
♪ Shine forth upon our smooth-ed domes?
♪ And was a Healthy Brill-i-ance buff-ed here
♪ Among these dark Satanic liver spots?

♪ Bring me my tub of wax:
♪ Bring me my lambswool shammy:
♪ Bring me my sealant:
♪ O clouds of Phlogiston®‼
♪ Bring me my Baldo's Shiny Wax™.

♪ I will not cease from my buffing,
♪ Nor shall my shammy sleep in my hand
♪ Till Baldo's Shiny Wax™ for Balds,
♪ Has smoothed and polish-ed my pate.

Now with Phlogiston®‼
Baldo's Shiny Wax™ for Balds. Available at your friendly neighborhood drugstore.

7:05 PM  

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