Monday, January 30, 2006

New Addition

My mom has a new kitten, KaBOOdle. She already had a Kitten, so now she's got, well, you can figure out the joke I'm sure.

Cute, very cute. Should be feared by all. She could actually kill with her cuteness.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Bad? Good?

Got a new shirt.

I like it. Hey, why does it put those strange circles around my breasts. Damn lowered resolution.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Wrong Way

"By reaching in" and "with your finger" are sub-optimal ways of finding out you had an extra triple-blade razor head hiding in your toiletry bag.

Monday, January 16, 2006


NH state moto, per the liscense plates -- Live Free or Die. What it should be is -- It's Cold, Get Your Butt Inside or Die.

What do you need when you've got a bad back and the doctor says, "don't even sit on anything soft"? Hard surfaces. What does the Courtyard in Manchester have? The softest beds in the state, from what I can tell.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Kit 'n Kaboodle

Call my mom to tell her all about the x-rays *don't have a broken back, but just tight muscles that are pulling my spine out of whack and pinching a nerve* when she tells me about her newest idea. She was sitting in a meeting last week when someone says, "the whole kit 'n kaboodle." It just struck her -- she's already got a cat named Kitten, so now she needs one named Kaboodle.
Her and her girlfriend, a.k.a. the neighbor Roseann, go over to the local humane society and pick one out. She was holding it for like 20 minutes, playing, pouncing, purring and all before it decided to bite her on the thumb...right in front of one of the volunteers. So, it's now an Incident, with a capital I. The animal control people are called, I think my mom even said a cop came, and Kaboodle got her fuzzy butt thrown into solitary confinement for 10 days. My mom can pick her up after she's done her time.
At the very least, Mom has 10 days to talk Kitten into getting a Kaboodle.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Extra Fun In a Bottle

Long story short: I move to the new digs about two weeks ago. Since then the left side of my lower back just hasn't felt right. Don't think much of it, starts to feel better, then Thursday and Friday happen and I'm just about in tears by the end of the day. Going out of town on business the following Monday so I think, "I can't wait till I get back Thursday to see a doctor." Find a doctor, go in, kidney test is negative (no, I still have kidneys, just nothing wrong with them apparently), get some drugs, and get to go back for an x-ray tomorrow.
The drugs this far aren't impressive. I was excited because the word Forte was in there. Loud drugs, wheeee. Parafon Forte Dsc to be exact. But, like I said, not impressed with their muscle-relaxing qualities as of yet.
There is one "side effect" I'm quite looking forward to, though. And I know it's sophomoric, but I can't wait to see, "This Medicine Maybe Change The Color Of Your Urine."
I'm hoping for blue.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Left Kidney Failure

On another note, I think I have kidney failure. Well, the left one anyway.
I just haven't felt right, on the inside, since the big move Friday night. It's not muscle soreness and it's not bone pain. I just don't feel right on the inside.
So, called my mom and explained what was going on. She told me to drink cranberry juice, I told her I did at lunch, she told me to drink some more. Had almost a gallon tonight.
Now I just have to pee a lot.

Oh, and speaking of peeing, I've noticed some stuff about the new place.
1. Never thought about having a TV in the bathroom, but as it turns out, sitting in the jacuzzi, drinking a homebrew and watching football is damn near heaven.
2. Seeing yourself pee is disturbing. The full-glass shower is right in front of the toilet -- for the girls. And the full mirrof is behind the toilet -- for the guys. I'll have to have a guy verify this one, but I'm guessing you can see yourself pee in the mirror. Either way, disturbing.
3. Not that I NEED exercise-fodder, but having the ability to watch yourself shower, courtesy of the HUGE mirror and glass shower, make you want to run, not walk, to the nearest gym.

Happy Merry New Christmas

Didn't end up going home for Christmas because I'm going home this weekend for a wedding. So, my mom and I are going to wait to exchange presents. When are presents too many presents? When you wish you had a bigger suitcase because the presents are already taking up half your space? Maybe.
And just think, I don't even have some of the presents yet. I'll pick those up on the drive home from Chicago to Green Bay. Why? Just didn't feel the need to explain the tool belt and clothesline my mom wanted to the NY airport security folks.