Saturday, December 24, 2005


Check out this page as if Snoop Dogg had written it, yo.

Click da link, yo.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

One more reason...

As if I needed another reason to NOT work directly in Manhattan? Now the busses and subway workers are strike. I can't even begin to imagine the nightmare. Well, maybe I can, since it's suspected it will change our commute out here on Long Island, too. Gosh, can't wait.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Excitement in Iowa

Apparently there isn't much to do in Mason City, IA. Well, unless you work at the municipal airport. Why do I say this? Cause I damn near got strip searched there this past Friday.
The first time I flew out of there they pulled me off to the side because there was a "unidentifiable solid metal object" in my purse. Yes, sir, we call that a keychain. They commanded I step behind this line, and they opened my purse with the greatest of care, they swabbed what they needed to and then let me on the plane.
Wanting to avoid any keychain confusion I removed my keys and the trumpet mouthpiece I'd brought to try and keep my lips in shape for drum corps from my purse and placed them right out in the open in one of the bins. Thought I was safe. Nope, must have just been lucky. They called me off to the side for a wanding. They must have had that freakin' wand turned up all the way because EVERYTHING set it off. And after the wand beeped, the lady had to pat me down in the offending area. Rivets on my jeans - beep - pat. Underwire on my bra - beep - pat. Bra closure - beep - pat. The screws inside my knee used to repair a torn ACL - BEEP - pat - disbelief - offer to show the scar - more beeping - pat - pat - sit down please, ma'am - beep - pat - rub. Okay, lady, that's the most action I've gotten in a long time. It's not a gun, I promise. It's not a bomb either, although according to my surgeon Dr. Patrick McKenzie, I had previously exploded it. His words, not mine, now let me on the plane. Please. I'll be good. Well, I'll try to be's only 5am and not much on making promises that early in the morning.

Friday, December 16, 2005

New Boots

Got some new boots in Iowa. No, not the snow kind, not the functional kind, the sexy kind. Meow...

What State Are You In...

Got back to the hotel yesterday evening to find that the lady who cleaned the room (Tammy, I think she indicated on the tip card) had seemingly left me a message. I had purchased one of the 99 cent seek-n-find magazines to help pass the cold Iowa nights and I'd left it on the bedside table. Well, it was propped open to a page titled What State Are You In...
I really hope that was done on purpose -- kind of a small connection between two people who'd never meet -- and hadn't just been dropped there after she dusted the table.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Bad at Worse

The on-TV guide reads, "Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers. The 4-8 Lions travel to Lambeau Field to take on the 2-10 Packers."
Wow, almost makes me not want to watch.
Okay, okay, I'll still watch. Twist my arm
Go Pack.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Late to the party

I've been in NY for about nine months now and I finally got my first black, turtle-neck sweater. I thought they handed these things out at the state line.
My mom, funny as she is, thought that was only for gay people. Oh, haven't posted the "We Thought You Were Gay" post yet. Sorry. Soon, I promise. Still getting over the trauma.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Cute Kitten

Nothing needs to be said. Except, I love my kitten.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A Matter of Degrees

27 degrees is cold when you're outside.
400 degrees, conversely, is really warm when it's the oven door and it's up against your forearm.

Sunday, December 04, 2005


Is it a bad omen when your LIVESTRONG wristband (almost called it a bracelet) breaks right between the LIVE and the STRONG? Shall I continue to LIVE, just not STRONGly or am I going to be STRONG and not continue to LIVE?
I think I need me a new wristband, quickly.