Thursday, November 10, 2005

That's Not Conditioner

The Quality Inn off Tyvola in Charlotte, NC, while it may not be all that quality, does have superb shower heads. The sleepy-eyed shower Thursday morning already had me looking forward to Friday morning. And, I was please that my hotel-will-provide-shampoo-and-other-sundries gamble had paid off.
So, I grab the little bottles off the bathroom counter and hop in the shower. The water feels great, the shampoo smells nice and fresh, but the conditioner is very disappointing. While it smells light and clean, almost lemony, it just doesn't feel like it's going to condition the hair at all. And for good reason, probably. Lotion is lotion, not conditioner.
On another note, the configuration of the four mirrors in the bathroom provided interesting angles you normally don't see when brushing your teeth. Like, at one point I could see 12 of me. Kind of creepy.


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