Saturday, October 08, 2005

Up and Down

The cable system we have at the house has something called Mag Rack. This is channel 502 and it's got things like GuitarExpress (guitar lessons), LoCarb Cooking, Wedding 101, and so on. They've also got the Personal Trainer "mag." I was sitting around, feeling too much like a slug to actually go to the gym so I thought I'd check out this Personal Trainer thing (I've gone through a couple of the guitar ones before) and see what happens. At the time, I had the house all to myself.
So, I scroll through the "articles" and fine one called Quick Fix: Buns 3. I think, "buns, yeah, I like buns, and it's only 11 minutes. I can do ANYTHING for 11 minutes."
I got to about minute 8, sweating a bit and feeling the burn, and the exercise turn to this laying-on-back-pelvic-thrusting-holding and back down. The chick on the tv was saying, "up and down...up and down" and I was going up *pause and squeeze the buns* and down.
I was upping and downing my heart out when my roommate Danielle and her boyfriend walk in.
Danielly shakes her head and Kenny makes the bump-fists motion, "keep on going up and down Lins." Good to have positive reinforcement after embarrassment, I guess.


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