Sunday, October 23, 2005

That's What I Deserve...

It's Sunday, so that means I'm watching football. I'm not watching the specific football game that I want to be watching because I moved and I they seem to refuse to broadcast Packers games out here. But, I've got them up on the Internet, along with my fantasy football game, so I'm still informed on the game.
Of the two games on here today, I chose to watch the CBS game because the other one was a blow out already (42-7 in the third quarter, or something crazy like that).
So, the CBS goes to their halftime break and I hope to catch a few Packers highlights. Nope, they just show the score, no passing or catching or running shots from my team. I then think, "what the heck, lets' switch over to Fox and see what's going on over there."
The Packers game. That's what going on over there.
I'd like to think that they switched the broadcast at the very moment I changed the channel. I doubt it, but that's what I'm going to think. They've probably been broadcasting the entire game and I've missed it.
And that, is exactly what I deserve for not checking earlier.


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