Sunday, October 16, 2005

No Bones

Took a little rollerblade today and explored a trail I'd only ever seen from the highway. It was okay, nothing spectacular. Recent rain and heavy winds have left a lot of debris on the trail. So, half the time was spent dodging twigs and branches or pulling said twigs and branches out from between my wheels. Anyway, it was good to get out. After nine days and nights of rain, any time in the sunshine is more than welcome.
Perhaps the best part of the trip was reading the sign on the Bridge the Gap clothing collection bin in the parking lot I'd parked on. It was spray painted on with those kinds of stencils that only show part of the letter. You know, like this, because you need the gaps to hold the stencil together. Anyway, part of the sign read:
"Bones?" I thought. No, I'm sure it was Boxes, but because of the stencil and a bit of run paint, it sure looked liked Bones. And it's too bad they don't accept them, it would have a convenient place to put bones if I ever had to kill anybody.


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