Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Classically Conditioned

I was driving home from work today and something struck me, mentally, not literally. Though, I'm not saying a little car-totaling-without-bodily-harm wouldn't be welcome. Car has just become a bother, but anyway, back to the point.
I got to a spot in the commute where the traffic is just always bad. A couple major routes converge and go from three-or-more lanes each down to just two. Usually the traffic comes to a standstill as each driver tries to get as close to the last possible merge moment before actually merging. Well, today was different, there was barely a touch of the brakes. It was awesome, and all I could think was, "what a treat."
The next time I thought, "what a treat" was when I saw that gas prices at the local station has fallen to $2.73. Did I really think this was a treat? Are we being secretly programmed to think that bad things really aren't so bad when they're slightly less bad than normal? Whaaaaa?


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