Monday, September 12, 2005

Food Abominations

Okay, three things about food today. Apparently this is the trifecta for these 24 hours.
First, bought some frozen type lunches to bring to work. As I'm waiting in the checkout line for what felt like an hour I noticed that all of the packages showed, and pointed out they were showing you, a Serving Suggestion. Now, I'm open to suggestions, I'm not convinced I've got all the answers and had it been something useful it might not have pissed me off. But, it was A FORK. Seriously, I think I could have figured that one out on my own. A fork. Feh. And not even a WHOLE fork--a tine and a half. Come on.
Secondly, in preparation for Fajita Night I bought a pack of white corn tortillas. Tasty. But, as I opened the package I noticed that 9 or the 12 (yes, that's 3/4) of the tortillas had been violently ripped in half. Not so good for fajitas.
Lastly, also in preparation for Fajita Night, I was cutting up a red pepper. Usually I just go for the standard (read: cheap) green pepper but I decided to splurge. And, I got more than my moneys worth out of this one for inside the red pepper, there was a tiny green pepper growing. No, I didn't use it, too. It scared me. I threw it out.


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