Sunday, August 21, 2005

Smell My Bush

I was talking my mom today and mentioned that I saw a plane at the beach and thought of my Grandpa. To which my mom replies, "oh, I know what I wanted to do while you were home..." She trails off and stops. "What?" I ask. "Oh," she says, "this sounds bad but...I....wanted you to smell my bush..." *silence*
"...because I think it smells like the pipe tobacco your Grandfather used to smoke."
When's the last time YOUR mother told you to smell her bush? Huh? Never, that's right, and probably for good reason.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Beach Version 2.1

Went to the beach again today. It was great. The water was much warmer than when Dan and I went in June and even a bit warmer than when I went there with Robert in July. Didn't get nearly as burned and even took the boogie board out for a spin. Not that I really know what I'm doing with the boogie board, I only know how to use them from what I've read on the Internet. As you might imagine, learning a sport from reading things on the Web isn't the best way. Anyway, I figured out you probably have to catch the waves as they're breaking. Unfortunately they were breaking pretty close to the shore so when you actually caught one and rode into shore, you were almost immediately tossed about in the sand. I ended up with sand in places I'm not willing to admit here. Oh yeah, and some nice sand scratches on my knees and thighs.
Also saw a guy in a stunt plane doing some stuff out over the ocean. That was super cool.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Decal Brotherhood

I was driving home today and saw a guy in a car with a Packer's G decal in the window. Is it sad that I felt an instand connection with this guy? Seeing as I came from Green Bay and moved to NY (thought, according to the NY DMV, I still live in WI) it's not often that I see anything Packers.
Then, about 30 seconds later I see another car with the tags SCOTLDY and a rampant lion flag decal in the back window. Yeah, felt an instant connection with her, too, since I've got one on my car as well. For once, one the Southern State Parkway in Lond Island, NY I felt peace in the world. Is that lame? Yeah, probably.