Sunday, May 15, 2005

Driving Experiment

Since coming to NY, whenever I drive it feels like I'm the subject of some experiment. I can't help but feel, and sometimes think and smirk, that the collective eye of NY is watching me and critiquing. It's not a bad thing, probably. I think I've made progress. This thought is probably mostly because after being back in WI for a couple hours and driving to get my hair cut, all I could think was, "why are these people driving so slow -- idiots."
Anyway, the NY driving experiment goes something like this, in my mind:
Speed: Getting better, she's no longer the one in the middle lane constantly going slower than the rest because she's afraid she'll miss her exit. Speaking of exits, she's starting to figure out which ramps are to the left and which to the right. Good progress.
Braking: Still a little rough, just when it seems she's got it down, stopped traffic will sneak up on her and she's got to stop a touch faster than is comfortable. Instead of this happening daily, it's down to about once a week. Good progress.
Lane changes: She's getting a lot better with this, she no longer needs 72 car lengths between her and the car in the next lane to feel completely comfortable signaling and moving over. Awwww, how cute, she actually still signals. She'll learn soon enough that's just wasted blinker fluid....


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