Saturday, April 09, 2005

Executive Washroom

So, I started the new job in the new city in the new state this past week. I'd been there before, so the layout was familiar and even the route to get to work. Okay, I got lost the first day and it did take me 45 minutes but I've easily gotten it down to a 25-30 minute commute both before and after work. Anyway, the company has rented this block of rooms from the building and they don't have restrooms actually IN the "office area." We've got a key hanging on the wall and you go out into the hallway, just before the elevators (keep going past the elevators if you're a guy) and unlock the restroom. So, is this like an executive washroom? I've never seen such a thing before. Maybe this is just one of the many differences I've noticed about my new city and state.

Note: It turns out that the women's bathroom is locked for our security. They don't lock the men's because they figure it more likely that a stalker, serial killer, or generally bad person is lurking behind the swinging doors of the women's bathroom. So, like thanks, I guess.


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