Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Airport Security

So, I'm in this drum and bugle corps. Oh, at the very least, I used to be before the move. It would be altogether too hard to travel 1000 miles back for rehearsal every weekend. Anyway, with the Kilties Drum and Bugle Corps, you wear kilts and dress in what they like to call "full battle dress." This battle dress includes a smallish knife called a sgian dubh. So, I was packing for the women's basketball trip out to College Park, MD and I wanted to make sure I emptied all the drum corps stuff out of my backpack carryon. I found everything but the sgian dubh so I figured I must have previously removed it. Got to the airport, went through security and got on the plain--no problem.
As it turns out, during flight I decided to dig in the backpack for my chapstick and came across, you might have guessed it, the knife. The moral of the story? Airport security at the Green Bay International Airport, Giftshop, and Espresso Bar might not be up to standards.
A side note, apparently the security at The Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center is a little tighter. Well, that and I TOLD them I had the knive so I didn't get wrestled to the ground. "Honestly, all I wanted was a map....ouch......seriously."