Sunday, January 23, 2005


So, I'm going to New York. Long Island to be exact, but it's still New York. I've got a job interview with a software company out there and they're flying me in for a night and day. Should be interesting if nothing else. I guess I'm a little scared because this job seems like a lock. I've been working on their software for almost two years, I understand a bit about programming and I have industry knowledge. Oh yeah, and I've got a college degree. Still feels a little weird to say that. Give me a survey, I have new boxes to check. Anyway, the prospect of packing up my life and moving approximately 1076.4 miles away is frightening and delightful at the same time. At first I asked myself, "Can I do this?" And the answer to that is certainly, yes I can. The next question is, "Do I want to do this?" That's been the harder one to answer. I've got a house, free and clear, I've got a great bunch of friends, my mom is here, my football team is here, my future-husband-who-still-doesn't-know-I'm-alive is here. Heh, I'm so breaking up with him. Still, I suppose it's a great time in my life to do it. I don't have any real baggage, save the basketball coach crush and being even further away from my best friend. I suppose that's why they make planes. Packing up my belonging in a moving truck would certainly help me purge unnecessary things from my life, too. This would be good. I like stuff and I've simply got too much of it. Still scared though. But, I suppose I don't need to be anxious about it yet. I don't fly out until the 3rd. Plenty of time to fret on the plane, too.


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