Monday, December 20, 2004

Things that sound dirty but aren't

Talking to my roomie about the memory card for his camera and how it fits directly into the front of my computer: "It totally fits perfectly in my little slot."

Talking to roomie again about the the compact size of his memory card and the small space you have to retrieve it from the camera body: "Wow, they expect you to be able to get your fingers in there?" and "That's the tiniest one I've ever seen." to which he sarcastically replied, "Yeah, thanks."

On an unrelated note, the roomie just came to me saying "I think I'm going to fail my final exam tomorrow." When I inquired as to why, he simply stated, "Well, when Coleen *the prof* was talking about conflict, I was busy drawing the Cookie Monster saying 'C is for conflict'." Then he showed me the sketch. Yes, I think you're regressing, too, Greg.


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