Friday, December 31, 2004

It must be others & skiing

A line from a comedy show went something like this: "I hate a lot lately, and I'm okay till I leave the house, so I'm pretty sure it's others." Seriously, what is wrong with people. Are they just rude, crude, jerks who can't see the world except for their small corner. I know I'm not always right but I certainly felt more put together after seeing two oblivious men while skiing today.

First a bit about the skiing. It was great, plain and simple. I recently bought a pair of Salomon minimax 99cm skis and they were a blast. It didn't take me too long to learn how to do a 360 and I did so many in a row I almost fell over. Great.

Now, more about Mr. Scoozi and Mr. JustTryingToMakeSix. My mom and I were skiing down a hill, mom in front, me just kind of tagging along behind. I think it was a harder blue hill with quite a few folks on it. All of a sudden this guy in a yellow jacket comes hauling ass around this person, almost runs into one lady on my left, passes me and cuts over about 6 inches (I'm not even kidding) in front of my mom. If she would have had longer skis, he would have ridden right over them. He proceedes down the hill nearly missing various others along the way. Needless to asy my mom isn't impressed, but she's fine. I don't know what pissed me off so much about him, maybe it was just his total disregard for others. He wasn't a beginner, he wasn't out of control and just trying to survive himself. He was just an ass, and I felt overwhelmingly compelled to tell him so. I took off down the hill and sprayed a little snow as I stopped in front of him. I started reading him the riot act "you almost knocked over two people, one of which was my mom" and so on. His response? "Scoozi?" Yeah, no speaky english....according to his barely english-speaking friend. "What he do?" I give it to his friend, blow by blow, who then translates back. "Oh, scoozi." I give up. Thanks Mr. Scoozi. You are clueless.

Next up is Mr. JustTryingToMakeSix. Not sure if I can accuratly describe this without diagrams, but I'll try. Going up to the chair lift, there are six lines set up. You line up and the first six people in line are sent next to the six-person chair lift. They also have a lift Nazi at the front who counts you off and tells you exactly when to ski up to the next little area where they have little gates you ski through to actually get on the chair. Anyway, my mom is person five, and I'm six.....we're the two most right people in the line of six getting ready to ski up to the stantion area. The nazi counts "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, you can go" and we start out. Approximately one foot before you get to the gates, guy number 3 cuts in front of stranger 4, my mom and I and skis into gate 6. A "hey", "what the hell", and "what are you doing" later, he's over there complaining, "I was just trying to make six." We all miss the chair, the lift operator looks at him, and he's still just talking. "Just trying to make six, we needed six, just trying to make the chair full." He repeats himself a few more times after we actually get on the chair and I finally just say, "we had six........thanks." Thanks Mr. JustTryingToMakeSix. You are clueless, too.

But, it's about to be a new year, and hate's not really in. I still hate others, and that will probably never change. I know that I'm inconsiderate and rude and all that stuff, too. Especailly when I'm in self-absorbed mode. There, I've got nothing more to say. Except, perhaps, Happy Freakin' New Year.


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